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The use of a MARELEC double-line grading system helped one of Europe’s largest suppliers slash the amount of giveaway in retail poultry packs.

Plukon Food Group is one of the largest players in the European poultry market, supplying leading food partners across the continent with a variety of chicken products and ready-made meals.


Triple impact – MARELEC grading system provides Jazyniec with highly flexible solution

In just under a quarter of a century, Jazyniec has quickly grown to become one of Poland’s leading poultry processors, with a daily production capacity of 100,000 birds. The company’s most important objective is the production of high-quality poultry products for retail and the food service industry.


Major improvement in productivity and give-away as Nutrisur embraces automation

When Argentinian poultry processor Nutrisur switched from a manual system for the grading of whole birds to an automatic MARELEC weighing and grading line, the results soon spoke for themselves.


Implementing MATRIX PRO optimizes VLK’s production

We are proud to present an amazing project achieved in collaboration with Jansen Techniek, Marelec’s distributor in The Netherlands. Jansen Techniek has decades of experience in the poultry processing industry, resulting in a high level of customer confidence. Van Leeuwen Kipspecialiteiten installed its first MARELEC grader many years ago. As a result of the benefits this provided, the company has now commissioned another four MARELEC grading systems, all controlled by our MATRIX PRO software to optimize production and yield with absolutely minimal give-away.

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