Triple impact – MARELEC grading system provides Jazyniec with highly flexible solution

In just under a quarter of a century, Jazyniec has quickly grown to become one of Poland’s leading poultry processors, with a daily production capacity of 100,000 birds. The company’s most important objective is the production of high-quality poultry products for retail and the food service industry.

Until recently, however, the variety of orders (MAP, bulk and vacuum) it received made the sorting and packing process very challenging. Jazyniec was therefore keen to invest in a flexible and intelligent solution that could manage the fluctuating packaging demand, reduce the amount of manual handling and minimize the giveaway – all while maintaining high production capacity.

In total, Jazyniec has three filleting lines, after which all the fillets are manually trimmed. To cope with the high demand, MARELEC designed a triple-line grading system, where the lines are positioned one above the other to maintain the smallest footprint. The grader can be adjusted within minutes to add or reduce gates for sorting bulk packages or MAP. Not only does the grading system offer the possibility of mixing fillets from the three different lines to produce packages with minimal giveaway, it also allows for the dedication of specific gates for items from one of the filleting lines in the event of different products being handled at the same time.

In line with the grading system, the MARELEC Autodrop system was positioned to deliver (and automatically drop) batches into the thermoformer. The products packed by the thermoformer require no manual corrections at all.

MARELEC has offered us a very flexible solution for the realisation of our goals. It has eliminated the excessive instances of overweight that we previously encountered as well as a large amount of labour. MARELEC’s grading solution has significantly improved productivity and made work easier at our facility. At the same time, we can grade products, and produce fixed-weight items as well as MAP or vacuum products. The huge flexibility and reliability of MARELEC’s grading solution has helped our company achieve major savings.

Hubert Dach
Production Manager

Jazyniec is a modern, continually developing Polish company that has quickly grown to become one of the country’s leading poultry processors since it was founded in 1998. Reaching its goal of producing the highest-quality poultry meat is possible only as a result of its continued focus on quality improvement. By quickly adjusting its production to meet the individual needs of clients, it offers fillets, wings and boneless chicken leg meat, fresh or frozen, and packed under VAC or MAP technology.

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