The use of a MARELEC double-line grading system helped one of Europe’s largest suppliers slash the amount of giveaway in retail poultry packs.

Plukon Food Group is one of the largest players in the European poultry market, supplying leading food partners across the continent with a variety of chicken products and ready-made meals.

Belgium-based Plukon Moeskroen purchased its first MARELEC grading system to grade whole birds 10 years ago. The success of this project resulted in MARELEC installing multiple grading and portioning solutions at other Plukon branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain, proudly continuing its long association with this loyal customer.

For many years Plukon had faced the same issue as many other poultry processors – namely, the high giveaway on retail trays. Its equipment at the time could not meet its requirements for grading trays between 500g - 3kg, so Plukon Moeskroen decided to invest in a second MARELEC Grading system to solve this problem.

The MARELEC solution consists of a double-line grading system that receives fillets from two filleting lines that are positioned one above the other to provide the smallest footprint. The position of the grading lines, in association with the intelligent batching algorithm, ensures the ideal combination of fillets to produce the lowest possible giveaway – while increasing the production capacity. 

Two years ago we decided to invest in a new grader to improve the giveaway on our fillet lines. We got in contact with MARELEC, a partner of ours. We decided to buy the machine and installed it. The good thing is, we improved our giveaway a lot better than expected. So we are quite happy with the system. Congratulations to the MARELEC team. Keep up with the hard work.

Henk Decoster
Country Manager productionpolicy, allocation and maintenance

Plukon Food Group is one of the largest players in the poultry market in Europe, supplying chicken products and ready-made meals to leading European food partners. It operates 27 branches in six countries (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Poland) where 9 million chickens are slaughtered and processed every week.

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