Training courses

Correct calibration and maintenance of your equipment ensures maximum yield, availability, and productivity.

An M CARE Service Agreement gives you full peace of mind.

As a supplement or alternative to our various service agreement offerings, MARELEC can train your employees and enable them to keep the machine working with the same high level of performance. After extensive training, your technicians will have sufficient in-house knowledge to calibrate the machine, deliver first-line support and perform preventive maintenance.

When this is combined with the right spare parts kit, the lifetime of your equipment is guaranteed and the yield, availability, and productivity will be maximized which translates into higher profit.

You can request a standard training course or MARELEC’s team of experts can deliver and customize training materials and set up a training course to address your specific business needs, fitting your time frame and budget.

Please contact a MARELEC sales specialist for further information.

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