D100 Weighing Indicator

Intelligent weighing system

The MARELEC D100 is an intelligent product selection keyboard. It is robust and easy to use. With a few touches of the touch screen, you can select the species, size, quality, and presentation.

Key benefits

  • Robustness
  • Very intuitive GUI with touchscreen
  • Production management software
  • Customized design
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The MARELEC D100 Indicator offers the possibility of weighing with a customized scale. The intelligent touchscreen enables the quality, size, and species to be selected. For Marine purposes, the connected scales are equipped with accurate motion compensation. Data or weights can be stored on a database using optional software. This allows reports to be created and the integration of conversions such as weight/loss factors. 

As an option, a label printer can be connected to the scale and software in order to print labels for each weighing operation. 


  • Accuracy: 0.1%
  • Speed: < 1 sec.
  • Touchscreen 21.5-inch FHD
  • TCP/IP connection
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MARELEC has extensive experience in the fishing industry. All of our equipment has a very sturdy and robust build in order to withstand to most demanding conditions. 

Very intuitive GUI with touchscreen

The fish species that are weighed can be selected by simply touching the screen. You can also select the quality, size, etc. 

Production management software

The Matrix W50C allows weights to be recorded in a database and reports to be generated. The report can be displayed in tables or graphically. 

Reports can be generated for the catch percentage per species of fish and/or size. The total weight per species, date and size or trip can also be displayed. 

Customized design

The D100 can be connected to the customized scale depending on the customer's application. Weighing ranges from 0-75 kg are possible with platforms mostly measuring 500 x 600 mm. 

Subject to modifications for technical progress
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