MARELEC Virtual Showroom

We are enormously proud to announce that our MARELEC Virtual Showroom is live! Do you want to visit a fully operating factory that is only equipped with MARELEC processing solutions? Whether you are active in the meat, poultry, fish or marine industries, we are proud to invite you to our showrooms. Please take a close look at our portioning solutions combined with graders to optimisze your production lines.

MARELEC offers customers and prospects the opportunity to visit a fully operating factory that is only equipped with MARELEC processing solutions. Whether you are active in the meat, poultry, or fish industries, you can visit the virtual production showrooms and take a closer look at our portioning solutions combined with graders for optimizing production processes.

When you visit our showrooms, you will walk around the factory and you can take all the time you need to look at the application that will bring extra profit to your operations. You can decide where to go and what to see in detail by clicking and dragging the cursor through the plant. All machines are operating with products. You can click on each line to open the machines and see the features and options on the inside. You can also watch more application videos and see the top view of the line and consult the technical data sheet.

MARELEC lets you explore different showrooms for different industries:




If you are in the poultry processing industry, you will appreciate that everything is about volumes. Every extra gram produced makes a big difference at the end of the day. You will see MARELEC solutions for optimizing the yield using intelligent cutting programs on the PORTIO range. Accurate and fast weighing and grading solutions guarantee the lowest giveaway on your retail packs or trays.



As a meat processor, you take care to optimize yields from your expensive primals. Portioning valuable meat to the exact weight for food service or retail packs, with maximum yield and minimal giveaway is a sure way to increase profit. You can see the adapted range of PORTIO cutters, for fresh meat, with or without bones, which can also be combined with grading and trimming solutions.



Fish processing requires delicate equipment to optimize volumes and yields when treating a fragile product. In the fish showroom, MARELEC has installed weighing and grading solutions for white fish, salmon, aquaculture, lobsters, prawns, and much more. PORTIO will optimize your yields and increase value by cutting the target weight, without waste.


Grading and processing of fish on board a vessel gives you a competitive advantage. To make a profit on board, you can see the MARELEC marine weighing technology in the marine showroom. The high tech, yet robust weighing and grading technology compensates for the movement of the vessel and guarantees fast and accurate weighing in sometimes rough conditions. You will be able to see the MARELEC Intelligent Vision system that detects different species and grades them accordingly.

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