Spare part solutions

MARELEC machines are designed to reduce the cost of ownership to the minimum. This is why we use exceptionally reliable components and wear-resistant parts wherever possible. However, it is not possible to fully eliminate disruptions and wear.

For customers who want to proactively manage maintenance activities, MARELEC offers: 

  • Standard spare part kits.
    These kits include consumable parts for preventive maintenance
    as well as critical spares for quickly reacting to downtime.
  • Spare part kits, specifically tailored to your equipment on site.

  • Service agreements. When you sign a MARELEC service agreement, MARELEC takes responsibility for your maintenance activities, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business operations.

Why should you proactively buy spare parts or get a service agreement instead of waiting for the need to arise?

A machine that is composed of many parts is never infinitely reliable.  A part may fail at an unexpected and inconvenient moment. If disruption occurs, timely resolution is key to ensuring the continuity of your production. In this case, you do not want to wait for the delivery of a spare item with a long lead time.

MARELEC knows which parts are crucial for the functioning of your machine, and suggests a set of critical spare parts, which also takes the part’s lead time into account.

This allows you to react on the spot if necessary and to get your production up and running again, thus ensuring the maximum ROI on your investment.

Apart from corrective maintenance, it is important to keep wear parts for preventive maintenance in stock. The right preventive maintenance prevents downtime and increases the lifetime of equipment.

The solutions described above, and other MARELEC Service Agreements, translate into higher returns, while keeping your maintenance budget predictable.

Why should you buy spare parts from MARELEC?

Some equipment parts are uniquely designed to meet your specific needs.

That is why it is important to purchase Original Equipment Manufacturer parts directly from MARELEC to maintain the optimum performance of your machine. Using approved spare parts ensures that high-quality materials are used, which guarantees optimum performance.

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