Double Retract System

Certified Pre-Owned

Double separate conveyor after a double lane portion cutter which will retract the trims gently.

Certified Pre-Owned Machines

Key benefits

  • The retract will allow the products to gently fall down because of the “low” belt speed and minimal drop height
  • Hygienic design for optimal cleaning


  • Belt width: 250 mm
  • Overall length of the MR station: 1.625 mm
  • Opening stroke retract: 100 mm
  • Maximum theoretical speed MR station: 180 pcs/min/lane
  • Retract conveyor has a modular belt with stainless steel drum motor, speed controlled by portion cutter
  • Protection cage above retractable
  • Construction : stainless steel AISI 304L and FDA approved food plastics
Warranty conditions : 6 months on parts and labor
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Subject to modifications for technical progress
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