Compact grader M3/6P-6025-D

Certified Pre-Owned

Compact graders incorporate infeed, weighing and grading on one belt and one frame. The MARELEC M3/6 compact grader is an easy to use, simple and robust solution. All of this with the same precision as the classic graders. MARELEC sets the new standard for smaller versatile grading systems using pull arms with six stations, combined left and right.

Certified Pre-Owned Machines

Key benefits

  • High accuracy
  • High weighing and grading speed
  • Robust and compact construction
  • User-friendly
  • Selection keyboard MARELEC Z2


  • Weighing and grading of poultry parts, fish fillets and meat products
  • Belt speed: 1,5 m/sec.
  • Range: 20 gr - 1,5 kg
  • Resolution: 1 gram
  • Maximum speed: 150 pieces/minute, depending on the product
  • Maximum product dimensions: 240 (width) x 400 (length) mm.
  • Belt width: 250 mm
  • 6 outputs, 3 on each side without batching
  • Higher pull arms
  • Standard chutes on each station
  • Marelec grading software: possible on number and weight
  • 100 adaptable programs
  • Remote service included
  • Tables for trays not included
Warranty conditions : 6 months on parts and labor
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Subject to modifications for technical progress
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