Grading System 2MC3/15K-4625

Certified Pre-Owned

The MARELEC grading solutions use state-of-the-art weighing technology and advanced software to design and build fully accurate and fast graders. Building on its extensive experience,a MARELEC offers grading solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs. These can be used for entire birds or cut-up parts, fresh or frozen products. MARELEC graders can sort different sizes into fixed-weight trays or bulk packs. All equipment is built with robustness in mind and meets high standards of hygiene.

Certified Pre-Owned Machines

Key benefits

  • Intelligent batching algorithm
  • Modular concept
  • Hygienic design
  • Service
  • Flexible design


  • Gates: 15
  • Belt width: 250 mm
  • Double infeed belt, length 600mm, adjustable speed
  • Double acceleration belt, length 550mm, adjustable speed
  • Double weighing belt, length 460mm, weighing range: 20- 1500 gram, resolution 1 gram
  • Double grading belt with 15 common batching exits (only on the left hand side) with presentation scales and tables
  • Outfeed belt
  • PMS software
Warranty conditions : 6 months on parts and labor
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Subject to modifications for technical progress
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