WT - Weighing terminal

Intelligent weighing system

The MARELEC weighing terminal is a customized setup that can be used to manually control or create batch weights during certain steps in a production process. The terminal will communicate with MATRIX and is able to display or send data to the database that leads the production process.

Key benefits

  • Robustness
  • Very intuitive GUI with touchscreen
  • MATRIX connectivity
  • Customized design
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The setup consists of a weighing plate which is combined with a 21.5-inch touchscreen and optionally a label printer. The intuitive GUI displayed on the touch-screen allows you to use the following functions:

  • Register or change batches into the production process and optionally allocate them to an order
  • Consult the orders to be processed
  • Connect to a label printer

The MARELEC WT also allows you to correct the weight in any trays rejected by a checkweigher system. The operator can manually correct the batch weight and adjust this in the database used in the production flow.

MARELEC WT is always combined with MATRIX PRO and is specially designed to be a part of a process flow. 


  • Accuracy: 0.1%
  • Speed: < 1 sec.
  • Touchscreen 21.5-inch FHD
  • TCP/IP connection
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MARELEC has a background in the fishing industry. All of our equipment has a very sturdy and robust build in order to withstand to most demanding conditions. 

Very intuitive GUI with touchscreen

The weighing terminal consists of a 21.5" FHD touchscreen which provides a user-friendly manner to input data. 

Connectivity with MATRIX

The weighing terminal communicates directly with MATRIX. The operator can display the order requests on the screen and manually register or change batches in MATRIX which will keep track of the production flow. 

Customized design

Different weighing platforms can be chosen depending on the application. One or multiple terminals can be placed at different stages in your production process.

Subject to modifications for technical progress
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