MARELEC Autodrop

Grading Solutions

The MARELEC Autodrop seamlessly delivers the batches produced by a grading system to a packing machine.

Key benefits

  • Small footprint
  • High capacity
  • No manual handling
  • Very hygienic solution
  • Seamless integration with other equipment
  • Configurable to the application
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Once they have been delivered by a MARELEC grading system, the batches are tracked with our Matrix batch-tracking software. The MARELEC Autodrop can deliver up to 25 batches per minute into a packing machine (depending on batch size and product type) for placement into trays or vacuum packs. These can be tracked further into the process, so that the final package receives the correct QR- or barcode referring to the initial batch and primary products. This ensures full traceability throughout the process.

The Autodrop system can be configured to your precise needs, such as the size of your batches, or the packing configuration in your packing machine, etc. Technical specifications such as dimensions of the equipment and capacities are therefore subject to change.

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Small footprint

The MARELEC Autodrop is designed to fit just above the packing machine. Dimensions can be adjusted depending on the customer’s supplier’s choice. The reduction of operators in this process generates more free space around the packing machine.  

High capacity

With few components in motion, the MARELEC Autodrop is able to quickly switch from one batch to another.

No manual Handling

The MARELEC Autodrop reduces the number of operators at the end of the process. There is no need for operators to put the final batches into trays, which results in a fluid and continuous process (with no delays due to the absence of an operator).  

Very hygienic solution

  • Horizontal faces are avoided.
  • Buffer pockets can be moved out for cleaning.

Seamless integration with other equipment

  • Communication with the grader for receipt of batch information.
  • Communication with the packing machine during the packing cycle
Subject to modifications for technical progress
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