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Compact means infeed, weighing and grading on one belt and in one frame. The MARELEC M3 compact grader is easy to use and is a simple and robust grading solution for sorting and/or batching of all kind of poultry parts. This is combined with the same precision of classic graders.

Key benefits

  • High accuracy
  • High weighing and grading speed
  • Robust and compact construction
  • User-friendly
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With the MARELEC M3 compact grader, MARELEC sets the new standard for smaller versatile grading systems. It uses pull-arms for gentle handling and is available with 6 or 8 stations, combined left and right. Options such as batching are available on request. The compact grader with the 250 mm wide belt can be used for all kinds of poultry parts (fillets, wings, drums, etc.). The version with the 300 mm wide belt is used for grading whole birds. 


  • Gates: 6 or 8
  • Belt width: 250 or 300 mm
  • Product weight: up to 5 kg
  • Max. product dimensions: Up to 290 x 400 mm
  • Maximum capacity: 120 pcs/min. 
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Hygienic design

The open structure allows it to be easily and efficiently cleaned after each use. The design avoids flat surfaces to prevent the accumulation of water after washing. The electric and electronic components are contained in sealed cabinets and are completely protected against water infiltration.

User-friendly software interface

The user-friendly interface makes programming quick and intuitive. Over 100 programs can be stored. The individual weight of all products that pass over the leadcell can be stored in a database and extracted for production reports, using the option for the MATRIX CG software package. MATRIX has the option to connect printers to print customized labels.

Low noise

The compact grading machine has the lowest noise level during operation. This creates a pleasant environment for operators.

Easy installation

The compact grader comes as one premounted unit and the installation is 'plug and play'. Only air and electricity need to be connected. 

Subject to modifications for technical progress
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