D6 Weighing Indicator

Intelligent weighing system

The MARELEC D6 Weighing Indicator is an intelligent, robust, and easy-to-use weighing instrument. A variety of weighing platforms are available which each have a certain size and weighing range.

Key benefits

  • Accurate weighing
  • Robust construction and waterproof
  • Connectivity to MATRIX
  • User-friendliness
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The MARELEC D6 Weighing Indicator allows you to weigh products with the best possible accuracy without compromising on robustness and user-friendliness. This high-end indicator is IP 67 class and has a stainless steel AISI 316L which means it can withstand a washdown environment.

This weighing system can be equipped with a series of options such as printing, a grading function, reverse weighing, and data processing with a reporting module which can be adapted to customers' specific needs.

The indicator can also be powered by a 24 V battery.


  • Accuracy down to 1gr (E1), depending on weighing platform
  • Stainless steel type AISI 316L platform
  • Indicator: 4.3" LCD display with touchscreen selection
  • Power supply: single phase 230 VAC or optional 24 VDC batteries
  • Connectivity to MATRIX
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The MARELEC D6 scale can be used for weighing poultry parts, whole birds, trays, or boxes. 8 standard weighing platforms are available which can be selected according to the dimensions and maximum weight.
Our smallest platforms have a maximum capacity of 3 kg, but larger platforms with a maximum capacity of 60 kg are also available.

Robust construction and waterproof

MARELEC has a background in the fishing industry. All of our equipment has a very sturdy and robust build in order to withstand the most demanding conditions. The indicator and platforms are rated at IP67.

Computer connectivity

When weighing the poultry products on the scale, the indicator offers several options for connection to a MATRIX database or for storing data directly onto a USB stick. 


The D6 consists of a digital display with a 4.3" touchscreen.

Subject to modifications for technical progress
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