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The MATRIX P software collects all production data from the PORTIO and allows it to generate production reports per shift or program and to trace changes on at machine level.

Key benefits

  • Data accessible through a standard database
  • Production reporting module
  • Makes yield easy to calculate
  • Remote programming
  • Remote control/service
  • Event log
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MATRIX P will register all data gathered by the PORTIO while cutting (weight of the primal, weight of each cut, thickness of the cut, etc.). 

The software consists of two main parts:

  • MATRIX Datacenter: This part of the software stores all relevant data on a server or dedicated computer.
  • MATRIX P client program: Production reports can be generated from the client program when accessing the datacenter. The products and portions can be represented visually. This helps production managers to understand where yields can be improved. The client program the creation of tailor-made reports. This part also allows the PORTIO to be controlled remotely.

The MATRIX P can also backtrack changes that were made in the cutting programs. The reporting module offers the possibility to create customized reports to see if the changes took effect. 

The software is a powerful tool for monitoring the crucial KPIs of your cutting operation.

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Data accessible through a standard database

All the collected data is saved in a SQL database which is a commonly used database across the world. This offers easy access to the data for possible integration with third-party software. 

Client program 

With the client program, all of the gathered data can be used to generate tailor-made reports. The client program can also generate a visual representation of the cut products.

Remote control

The MATRIX P makes it possible to connect to the portion cutter. This feature allows you to take over the screen of the portion cutter. A program can be made remotely and sent to the portion cutter. Remote access also creates the possibility of connecting remotely to MARELEC's HQ and carrying out services remotely. 

Event log

All stages during production are logged, for instance, when the machine starts/stops, how many portions and/or primals are cut, running time and any downtime. 

Subject to modifications for technical progress
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