MATRIX Labeling

Food Processing Software

Design your private labels with MATRIX Labeling software and print the labels for your trays or packs with the MARELEC PR1 or PR2 label printers. These stand-alone printers are fully compatible with our weighing and grading systems. The software gives you 100 % flexibility.

Key benefits

  • Private labelling
  • Stand-alone printer for single machines
  • Multiple printer connections possible.
  • Inline print and apply solutions
  • QR or barcode printing
  • Flexible programming

The MATRIX Label Manager is the ultimate tool for private labelling. It ranges from a single printer to complete inline print & apply solutions, ensuring transparent traceability.  

One of the modules of the MATRIX G is the printing label module. With this feature you can design your own private labels and send them to multiple printers connected to the grader. Labels are then manually applied to the batch.

When the label is applied at a later stage, preferably using a label applicator, the information is stored while the batch is tracked & traced by MATRIX PRO. MATRIX PRO will communicate with the printer and tell it exactly when each label needs to be applied.

With the Advanced Order Processing & Planning Module, MATRIX PRO switches automatically between orders, and customizes and prints private labels when the order has been completed. MATRIX will prioritize orders on the fly to accommodate the flexibility expected by your customers and so you can deliver within the agreed delivery time.

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