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The MATRIX G software collects all production data from the GRADER and allows it to generate production reports.

Key benefits

  • Data accessible through a standard database
  • Client program 
  • Optional label printing module
  • Easy monitoring of give away
  • Remote control
  • Event log
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MATRIX G will register all data generated by the graders while sorting or batching the products (weight of the product, delivered station, weight of each batch, etc.)

It is of the utmost importance for customers to monitor these KPIs. Giveaway can be monitored so adjustments can be made on the fly leading to cost improvement. 

The software consists of two main parts:

  • MATRIX Datacenter: This part of the software store all relevant data on a server or dedicated computer.
  • MATRIX G client program: This allows access to the database where all the weights are registered. The gauss curve with the weight distribution of the products can be represented visually. It is possible to generate tailor-made reports with the client program that visualize giveaway, throughput, run time, etc.
  • The MATRIX G can also control the grader remotely.

With the MATRIX G, it is also possible to design customized labels and control an optional label printer. 

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Data accessible through a standard database

All the collected data is saved in a SQL database which is a commonly used database across the world. This offers easy access to the data for possible integration with third-party software. 

Client version 

The client version allows the gathered data to be used to generate tailor-made reports. The client version also monitors the instantaneous throughput of the grader. 

Optional label printing

With the MATRIX G, it is possible to design customized labels, and control a label printer to print labels that can be attached to the batches. The labels will have a station number, so the operator knows which batch the label should be attached to. 

Remote control

With the MATRIX G, it is possible to connect to the grader with a computer. The module allows you to take over the screen of the grader. This also gives the possibility to connect remotely to the machine from our HQs. 

Event log

All steps during production are logged, for instance, when the machine starts/stops, running time and any downtime. 

Subject to modifications for technical progress
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