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Grading Solutions

The MARELEC Grading Solutions use state of the art weighing technology for creating highly advanced accurate and fast graders. MARELEC has many years of experience and offers grading solutions that specifically suits the customer's needs. All equipment is built with robustness in mind and a remarkably high standards of hygiene.

Key benefits

  • Intelligent Batching Algorithm
  • Modular concept
  • Hygienic design
  • Service
  • Flexible design
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MARELEC has a extensive experience in grading solutions. Each customer or situation is unique. With its solid background and experience in graders, MARELEC can offer a wide range of solutions for each customer's specific needs. MARELEC places a priority on openness with customers, in order to identify the needs and fulfil expectations. 

All grading systems consist of three important components:

  • Infeed:
    The infeed system will generally determine the capacity of the grader. MARELEC offers a wide range of options for these systems. The perfect infeed system will be selected depending on the application (meat products) and requested capacity, ergonomics, and preliminary stages in the production process. 

  • Weighing:
    Meat products are mostly weighed dynamically. Precision and speed are the most important elements of the weighing system. MARELEC provides the solution, depending on dimensions and weight of the products.

  • Sorting and/or batching:
    A variety of solutions are available depending on the type of meat products that need to be graded. The standard sorting systems are pull or push arm (flippers), retract conveyors and blow off. The sorting stations can be fully customized to customer's specific needs. These stations can be equipped with batching bins, presentation trays, tables, etc. Customized labels can be generated for each batch or tray by adding a label printer to the setup.  

One or more take-away conveyors can be optionally used to transport the batches or trays to the following stage in the production process. The grading systems can be connected to the MATRIX software, which allows a full integration and traceability in the production line of the meat products.

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Intelligent Batching Algorithm

The MARELEC intelligent batching algorithm keeps track and makes combinations of the different weights of the meat products to fill the stations to the target batch weight, with an absolute minimum giveaway. MARELEC will be pleased to run a simulation to determine the optimum number of stations for your application. 

Modular concept

MARELEC grading systems are built with modular key component parts. This reduces the number of spares and guarantees a swift maintenance with a minimum of downtime. 

Hygienic design

The graders have a completely open structure, without hidden corners, for ease of cleaning and disinfection. The design of the graders avoids horizontal surfaces. Batching stations can be opened easily. All electrics and electronics are contained in a completely sealed cabinet with a unique hygienic labyrinth double sealing. All materials used are FDA approved. 


MARELEC has built a strong reputation for its after-sales service. A team of service engineers is available 24/7 to attend to your queries. All MARELEC grading systems can be connected to the internet. This allows our service team to diagnose the status of the machine from our head office, so we can provide immediate assistance. 

Flexible design

A team of experienced engineers translates the customer's requirements and specific needs into a grading system that is custom designed and built. This flexible approach guarantees the precision of the application while maintaining maximum throughput with minimal footprint as a priority for the right meat grader.

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