The MARELEC Protec Fishing System is mainly used for beam trawling. Constant tension and wire length measurement is monitored and displayed in the wheelhouse. When the tension builds up at one side, alarms are sounded so the captain can act. Automatic safety measurement can be implemented to protect both crew and vessel. Safety is the number-one priority, just like on land.

Key benefits

  • Protection of gear and people
  • Fewer repair costs
  • Length and tension measurement of port & starboard
  • Special beam trawling software
  • Different length and tension alarms
  • Intelligent control of the winch brakes in case of overload
  • Propeller pitch control
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Beam trawlers have 2 sets of nets which they shoot from the beams at the side of the vessel. Those beams have quite a bit leverage on the vessel when the tension is not equal. When fishing on a rocky bottom, for instance, there is a higher risk that a net will get stuck behind a rock. The winch brake will automatically release in ABS mode and so reduce the tension.

There is always a risk of getting stuck, even when fishing on clean ground. Small starfish, sand or mud could fill up the nets and cause an overload. This overload is displayed, and alarms are sounded to enable preventive action to be taken.

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Fishing protection

  • Important reduction of trawl damage, time-saving and lower repair costs
  • For a fastener, a warp-overload is anticipated through automatic shooting of the wires
  • Propeller-pitch reduction if a fastener persists
  • The effect of fasteners is reduced drastically, especially on difficult grounds

Maximum net opening

  • The maximum catch can be achieved under all working conditions due to equal tension control in both wires and consistent length differences.
  • Applications:
    • With transverse winds and currents
    • On inclined sea bottoms
    • Under adverse weather conditions


  • Time-savings due to synchronized pay-out and haul-in of the warps to pre-set lengths at optimal speed
  • Labor saving: no more remarking the warps and mark counting

Marelec trawl control systems

Since its establishment in 1983, MARELEC has focused on the development of unparalleled electronic equipment for better fishing performance. These products have been developed in close co-operation with our customers. MARELEC offers a full range of automatic trawling systems, wire length and tension measurement systems.

Exclusive monitoring of the behavior of fishing gear

Easy to read, easy to see what you did, easy to see what you are doing, or not doing! Lengths, time, loads, alarms… With MARELEC you know!


Based on its long experience in fishing technology, MARELEC designs and manufactures different types of measuring rollers with integrated length and tension sensors. The load sensors are designed by MARELEC and made to stand the worst marine conditions. Winch-mounted solutions complement the range. All systems can be controlled remotely and serviced from a distance.

Electronic and hydraulic winches can be controlled

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