Trawl control system for fly-shooting vessels. When you have 6 to 8 km of fish lines in the water with a net that is far from the vessel, hauling is crucial for catching fish. The MARELEC D-FLY will fully automatically perform hauling in a combined hauling mode. A sophisticated program based on the combination of speed, tension and length optimize the catch while continuously monitoring the operation for safety.

Key benefits

  • Maximum fishing surface.
  • Reduces costs of repairing gear.
  • Length, speed, and tension measurement 
  • Different length and tension alarms
  • Electrical spooling gear control
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The fly-shooting method of fishing has existed for a very long time and it has increased in popularity over the last decade. This fishing method results in lower fuel consumption, while increasing the quality of the fish caught. This method of fishing not only requires skill but also the continuous monitoring of multiple parameters. With the MARELEC D-FLY, the captain can rely on a system that provides signals when something need to be done.

With the MARELEC FLY, the wires are guided on the winch by the electric spooling software. This feature is crucial for optimally loading the winch with the cable while hauling. Shooting the wires usually happens in freewheel at full speed which means the spooling and cable guiding is crucial. Alarms are given at certain lengths, so the captain knows when to make a turn, shoot the gear, etc.

Different programs can be activated and fine-tuned when hauling the fishing gear. Each program contains specific features, depending on the fishing grounds, gear & experience. The traditional method of hauling is to use equal lengths and equal speeds that increase during the process. At certain lengths, the system will automatically change from speed to length, and from tension to pressure.

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Fishing protection

  • Important reduction of trawl damage, time-saving and lower repair costs
  • For a fastener, a warp-overload is anticipated through automatic shooting of the wires
  • Propeller-pitch reduction if a fastener persists
  • The effect of fasteners is reduced drastically, especially on difficult grounds

Maximum net opening

  • Maximum catch obtained under all working conditions through equal tension control in both wires and consequent length difference;
  • Applications:
    • With transverse winds and currents
    • On inclined sea bottoms
    • Under adverse weather conditions


  • Time-saving through synchronized pay-out and haul-in of the warps towards pre-set lengths at optimal speed;
  • Labor saving: no more remarking the warps and mark counting

Marelec trawl control systems

Since its establishment in 1983, MARELEC has focused on the development of unparalleled electronic equipment for better fishing performance. These products have been developed in close co-operation with our customers. MARELEC offers a full range of automatic trawling systems, wire length and tension measurement systems.

Exclusive monitoring of the behavior of fishing gear

Easy to read, easy to see what you did, easy to see what you are doing, or not doing! Lengths, time, loads, alarms… With MARELEC you know!


Based on its long experience in fishing technology, MARELEC designs and manufactures different types of measuring rollers with integrated length and tension sensors. The load sensors are designed by MARELEC and made to stand the worst marine conditions. Winch-mounted solutions complement the range. All systems can be controlled remotely and serviced from a distance.

Electronic and hydraulic winches can be controlled.

Subject to modifications for technical progress
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