Grading Solution

The MARELEC Intelligent Vision camera is able to distinguish different species using artificial intelligence. It can be used with a grader to automatically sort and weigh species. Automatic recognition of different species reduces human error to zero.

Key benefits

  • Small footprint
  • Fast recognition time
  • Robust construction
  • High accuracy
  • Reduces labor
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The MARELEC IV uses an intelligent algorithm to recognize different species of fish. The MARELEC IV is equipped with a camera that takes a picture. The pre-programmed software compares this picture to the different species stored in a database. When the software matches the picture to the correct species, the right information can be sent to a grader or another system to select or sort the fish. 

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Small footprint

The MARELEC IV can be customized to the customer's needs regarding space. It can be installed in an existing set-up because its footprint is limited to a camera with a light and a computer. This offers a huge advantage on vessels where space is at a premium. 

Fast recognition time

The MARELEC IV contains a high-performance computer for quickly determining the type of fish. The machine works faster than any grader. It recognizes the product in a blink of an eye, so speed is not an issue. 

Robust construction

MARELEC has a background in the fishing industry. All of our equipment has a very sturdy and robust build in order to withstand the most demanding conditions. 

High accuracy

The I-vision contains a database of different products, depending on the customer's application. This database containing numerous pictures reduces errors to zero.

Reduces labor

The operation of putting fish into different pockets is replaced by looking at them with a camera. If the fish are automatically fed into a grading system, the I-vision replaces recognition and feeding operations. 

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