Grader after portioning

Grading Solution

A grader can be put placed after a portion cutter to group different weights together. MARELEC has a variety of solutions that will suit the need for your your fish processing requirements.

Key benefits

  • Reduction in manual labor
  • Optimizes yield of the process
  • Configurable by customer
  • Feedback on weight to the portion cutter
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The portion cutter provides the option to cut portions into multiple target weights and optimize yield. Optional tools and an acceleration conveyor enable pieces to be separated after the cutting machine. 

Placing a grader after the portion cutter allows different target weights to be grouped together. Batches can be optionally created with these target weights. 

The graders in line with a PORTIO consists of a wide range of designs. We can design customized solutions for special applications according to customers' specific needs. 

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Reduction in manual labor

The outfeed product holder on the PORTIO portion cutter automatically separates the fish portions. No operator or manual labor is needed to create a distance between the portions before they are accelerated on the infeed belt of the grader.  

Optimizes yield of the process

Value can be added to each portion by cutting into different target weights. The identical portions are grouped afterwards by the grader. The result is a much higher yield and value of the fish products after they have been cut using the PORTIO portion cutter.

Configurable by customer

The grader is customized according to the next step in the remaining production process. The grader can be customized to individual needs by adding trim tables, batching stations or automatic take-away conveyors. 

Feedback on weight to the portion cutter

By using MATRIX COM option (short for COMMUNICATION), the grader weighs each portion leaving the PORTIO and gives feedback to compare the weight with the desired target weight that has been programmed.

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